SEO Strategy: Getting ready for Voice Search

Posted on: 13/05/19

While those of us in smart homes may spend hours playing with Alexa skills that turn your lights off or alter your heating, business owners should pay attention to another skill – because voice search on electronic devices is set to expand big time.

It’s already popular with Apple users, who may use Siri to book a restaurant in a new neighbourhood.

Give it a try – ask Alexa or Siri to recommend a restaurant near you. She doesn’t disappoint.

Then try asking who she recommends for your line of business in your town – do you come up?

The new voice search is going to create some pretty big issues for your SEO strategy.

Firstly, while the old favourite Google pulls up pages of information, giving the user plenty of choice, a voice search will often only read the top 4 matches. Position 5 – forget it!

Secondly, and more complex, voice search is opening the search market back up. For years now, Google has anecdotally captured more than 80% of the search market.

In recent years, Internet Explorer and Bing search has been seen as the ‘poor relation’ for SEO. A great source of cheaper PPC leads, certainly, but always second to big brother Google.

As Alexa is starting to roll out for mobile use, Alexa’s voice search could be about to help Bing buck the trend.

Google is far from being left out on the voice search front, it has own smart device and already owns the Android operating system powering mobile phones across the globe, as well as providing the default search option for Apple’s Siri.

However the Amazon Echo voice search is powered by Microsoft Bing – and Alexa sales are booming.

To succeed in voice search, your SEO strategy will need to focus on pleasing both search networks.

Voice search is fast becoming an increasingly important part of planning your future SEO strategy and something SEO professionals are keenly aware of.

It’s been said for years that you need to think about SEO before you even buy your domain name. Voice search is hotting up the competition for rankings.

If you need help planning for voice search as part of your SEO strategy, give us a call.

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