Common Issues with Unreliable Web Hosting Services

Posted on: 18/10/16

You have just launched your website. Everything is going great, and the website is delivering to its promises, bringing in loads of traffic, leads and sales. Nothing could be better. Isn’t that the dream of every business owner?

What if your website starts playing hide and seek with your visitors?
What if your website is down for a long time?
How would it affect your business, goodwill and your brand?

That’s why it’s important to choose a reliable hosting service. Here’s a look at some common problems you must be prepared to face with an unreliable hosting service.

Slow Server

If your website takes too long to load, you are losing on potential conversions. Your visitors aren’t going to wait for long. If the website doesn’t load within 5 seconds, they are sure to skip your website and visit your competition.

  1. Quick loading website. Check.
  2. Super fast Internet. Check
  3. Super fast server. Not sure.

If your super fast website is taking ages to load, your hosting service is to be blamed. You don’t want to lose customers for want of a few pounds.

Unreliable Uptime

You need a reliable host to ensure your website is live all the time. Your website is a 24/7 store that can bring customers any time of the day. You want it to stay up all the time. If your website is not live, owing to downtime, you are losing customers quick and fast.

You need a hosting service that can offer 99.98% uptime. You need a host that carries out maintenance during nights, when the chances of prospects visiting your website are low.

Poor Customer Service

What’s worse than having an unreliable hosting service? A bad customer service team. If your hosting service cannot resolve problems quickly and swiftly, it’s a clear sign they don’t care. There’s no reason for you to stay with them. Change to a more reliable hosting service right away.

At Designweb, we provide unlimited 1GB mailboxes as well as operate on 99.98% uptime. Our customer care team is available via multiple methods to assist you. We can supply regular backups, which means that we can offer restore points should the worst happen.

Experience these wonderful benefits and more from just £100 a year. We are known for our reliable hosting, dependable service and prompt communication.

Contact us today to transfer your website onto our reliable and affordable hosting platform.

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